Vacuum Pumps, manufacturer BGS (Bigiesse) Italy:

BGS (bigiesse) Low vacuum pumps

BGS (bigiesse) High vacuum pumps

BGS (bigiesse) Spare parts

BGS (bigiesse) Accessories


Electric motors, manufacturer OME Italy:

OME Standard motors - low volt

OME Explosion proof - low volt

OME IE4 permanent magnets

OME Synchronous generators and motors

OME Medium high voltage electric motors



Electric motors, manufacturer ELVEM Italy:

Elvem Standard asynchronous electric motors with aluminium housing

Elvem Motors with cast iron casing

Elvem Brake asynchronous electric motors

Elvem Drive


Electric reducers and reducers, manufacturer HYDRO-MEC Italy:

HYDRO-MEC Rightangle worm gearboxes

HYDRO-MEC Square worm gearboxes

HYDRO-MEC Onestep coaxial gearboxes

HYDRO-MEC Light coaxial gearboxes

HYDRO-MEC Coaxial gearboxes

HYDRO-MEC Coaxial gearboxes in cast iron

HYDRO-MEC Shaft mounted gearboxes

HYDRO-MEC Shaft mounted gearboxes in cast iron

HYDRO-MEC Parallel shaft gearboxes

HYDRO-MEC Helical bevel gearboxes

HYDRO-MEC Helical bevel gearboxes heavy

HYDRO-MEC Electric motors

HYDRO-MEC Anti-corrosion gearboxes


Reductoare si motoreductoare electrice, producator Motovario Italia:

Motovario Parallel helical and Bevel helical gear reducers (Motovario PBH series)

Motovario Shaft mounted gear reducers (Motovario S Series)

Motovario Helical bevel gear reducers (Motovario B Series)

Motovario Helical gear reducers (Motovario H Series)

Motovario Electric motors (Motovario M Series)

Motovario Worm gear reducers (Motovario VSF series)

Motovariators (Motovario VAR Series)

Motovario Drives (Motovario D series)